Notes About Linux

With so many flavors of Linux all around, providing support for it is quite a challenge. Therefore, although Hardcoded Software applications should work on all Linux distributions, the distribution of reference is Ubuntu.

HS .deb files are hosted in their own PPA on Launchpad. This allows Ubuntu users to integrate HS apps with Ubuntu's packaging (and auto-updates) system. To add HS's PPA to your sources, do the following:

  1. Open the Ubuntu Software Center.
  2. Click on Software Sources... from the Edit menu.
  3. Open the Other Software tab.
  4. Click on the Add... button at the bottom left of the dialog.
  5. Type ppa:hsoft/ppa in the text box and click Add Source.

After having done that, HS apps will appear in your package manager (it might need an initial apt-get update to work though.). HS apps' names are:

If you don't want to add that PPA to your sources, you can still download each package manually from the PPA webpage and double-click on the downloaded file to install it.

Adding the PPA through the command line

If you prefer using the command line, you can achieve the same thing with:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:hsoft/ppa

Then, you can install HS apps through apt-get install (after an initial apt-get update, of course).

Arch Linux and AUR

Each app's download section also has a link to an Arch package. I used to maintain these packages myself, but I don't use Arch anymore, so I orphaned them. Please, adopt them!

Gentoo overlay

There's a Portage overlay for Gentoo users to install HS apps. Follow the overlay's README for usage instructions.

Not on either Ubuntu, Arch or Gentoo?

If you can't install any of the pre-packaged files, you can always build HS applications from source (a link to each application's source code is present on their respective page).