Upcoming: moneyGuru 2.5

I'm starting to work on the next feature release for moneyGuru. I've already selected the tickets I'm going to work on. There aren't many, but the recent conversion to objp is already a pretty big change and I don't want to push too much into this release.

First, I continue in the visibility options improvements by allowing graphs to be full screen (by that I mean to be the only visible element in a tab). This is to make way for an improvement in the pie charts, that is a dynamic number of slices depending on how much space it has. The number of slices in the pie charts is currently hardcoded at 6 because with the space it has, there's not much more that we can possibly cram into it without rendering the chart unreadable. For users with few accounts, that works alright, but some users have many accounts and 6 slices is useless to them because the "Others" slice is by far the biggest slice.

Another notable improvement to come is increased usability for users with disabilities. I never designed moneyGuru with these users in mind, but I've been told that a few minor tweaks would go a long way, so I'll make those tweaks.