2018's news archive

2018-11-29 -- moneyGuru 2.12.0 released (link)

  • Drop Mac OS support. moneyGuru is now a GNU/Linux application. See README.
  • Rewrite Amount and Currency in C into a new ccore module.
  • Improve Makefile so it behaves more like a typical project.
  • Remove debian packaging content. It belongs elsewhere.
  • Add support for Python 3.7.
  • Add transaction panel keyboard shortcuts. #490
  • Plugin: add ENABLED_BY_DEFAULT attribute. #493
  • Fix crash in Currency.ensure_rates(). #497
  • Add Fuzzy Date plugin. #496

2018-05-17 -- L'ami Linux (link)

I've just started doing freelancing under the name L'ami Linux (The friendly Linux dude).