2015's news archive

2015-12-24 -- moneyGuru 2.9.4 released (link)

  • Fix crash on loading files with inconsistent currencies. #442
  • Fix Account Lookup up/down keys. [Linux, Windows] #444
  • Fix crash on saving file to non-existing folder. #445

2015-11-01 -- Windows maintainers wanted (link)

The last time I used Windows "for real" was more than 10 years ago, in 2005. Since then, the only times I've ever used Windows was for building executables or for testing purposes. With time, it grew more and more foreign to me and I came to hate it.

I hate Windows with passion now. It seems to get everything backwards. I came to dread having to launch my Windows VM.

So, why bother with Windows at all? Because many dupeGuru and moneyGuru users are also Windows users and I don't want to abandon them.

But now, we're in a situation where Windows 10 was released and I haven't tried it yet. I see reports of dupeGuru not working well on it and I really, really don't want to start debugging dupeGuru on Windows 10.

Someone else needs to take care of that. My plan is to phase out Windows support in the next feature releases of dupeGuru and moneyGuru, with a note pointing to this message. Old Windows builds will still be available, just not for the latest releases. With some luck, someone will step up. Without some luck, I'll strip Windows support from the code two feature releases from now.

If you're a developer using Windows and are interested in stepping up, your presence is very much welcome! Please refer to the Contribute page for details.

2015-07-14 -- moneyGuru 2.9.3 released (link)

  • Fix crash on startup. [Mac] #437

2015-07-09 -- moneyGuru 2.9.2 released (link)

  • Fix broken currency rates fetching. #435
  • Fix broken date editing widget [Linux, Windows] #436

2015-07-06 -- moneyGuru 2.9.1 released (link)

  • Fix import regression introduced in v2.9.0 #432
  • Fix visual glitch in schedule panel [Linux, Windows] #430
  • Fix keyboard bindings in all panels [Linux, Windows] #433

2015-07-01 -- moneyGuru 2.9.0 released (link)

  • Add "+" button in the tab bar [Linux, Windows] #424
  • Add API for import plugins #420
  • Add Russian localization (with documentation!) (Igor Fokusov)
  • Improve plugin system by introducing a "core plugins" concept #429
  • Improve currency rates fetching by diversifying sources #415
  • Improve reliability of automated tests [Windows] #417
  • Optimize amount column sizes in single-currency cases [Linux, Windows] #414
  • Remember panels position and size [Linux, Windows] #364
  • Make Schedule Panel's stop date field clearable #400
  • Fix various UI glitches [Linux, Windows] (#418, #413, #411)
  • Fix crash when importing empty files #416

2015-06-02 -- New Bootstrap style (link)

The website now has a Bootstrap style. I have been tired of having an ugly webite for a while and now was the time to go for it. Sure, it has a bit less... personality, but it's so less ugly!

2015-01-02 -- moneyGuru 2.8.2 released (link)

  • Fix amount cell painting which didn't work properly. [Windows] #407
  • Fix import window's checkbox cell which would sometimes wrongly go in edit mode. [Linux, Windows] #406
  • Fix chart visibility glitch in account view. [Mac] #357
  • Add a --no-ext build option. #408