2012's news archive

2012-10-26 -- moneyGuru 2.6.1 released (link)

  • Fixed a crash on quit where charts would try to draw themselves after having been freed.

2012-10-10 -- moneyGuru 2.6.0 released (link)

  • Improved pie chart drawing. #339
  • Improved the date swapping mechanism in the import window. #325
  • Improved date format guessing. #324
  • Chart sizes are now remembered in between sessions.
  • Window frame restoration in between sessions is now document-based. #345
  • Display all transactions in "All Transactions" date range even when they go beyond the "Ahead Months" preference. #322
  • Modified schedule spawns are now directly materialized. #317
  • Added support for the Saudi riyal (SAR). #334
  • Fixed crash on currency rates fetching. #341
  • Fixed amount mis-parsings. #336
  • Made various minor UI improvements. [Linux, Windows] #346
  • Fixed a crash on New Document. [Linux, Windows] #331
  • Fixed crash on startup due to corrupted preferences. [Linux] #343
  • Fixed a bug where the "Balance" column visibility in the Account view would become glitchy. #347
  • Fixed a conflict between automatic document re-opening and OS X Lion's restoration feature. [Mac]
  • The minimum version for Ubuntu is now 12.04. [Linux]

2012-08-08 -- dupeGuru 3.6.0 released (link)

  • Added "Export to CSV". #189
  • Added "Replace with symlinks" to complement "Replace with hardlinks". [Mac, Linux] #194
  • dupeGuru now tells how many duplicates were affected after each re-prioritization operation. #204
  • Added Longest/Shortest filename criteria in the re-prioritize dialog. #198
  • Fixed result table cells which mistakenly became writable in v3.5.0. [Mac] #203
  • Fixed "Rename Selected" which was broken since v3.5.0. [Mac] #202
  • Fixed a bug where "Reset to Defaults" in the Columns menu wouldn't refresh menu items' marked state.
  • Added Brazilian localization by Victor Figueiredo.

2012-08-05 -- New support forum (link)

Get Satisfaction (HS's support forums so far) is inadequate. Over the time, they've crippled their free version so much as to render it unusable (and they're certainly not good enough to pay for it). Until recently, I didn't have spam problems on the GS forums, but a few days ago, I got a spam post and I realized with horror that there was no way for me, as a free user, to flag individual posts as spam. I had toyed with the idea of moving away for a while now, but that spam issue certainly pushed me into doing it now.

I've set up a new support forum at http://forum.hardcoded.net.

Fortunately, Get Satisfaction has an API to access its data and I could, with a few hours of efforts, migrate all its topics to the new forum.

I've always hesitated to host my own forum because I was afraid of the spam problem. Well, now I guess I'll live and learn.

2012-07-17 -- moneyGuru 2.5.5 released (link)

  • Fixed CSV parsing in cases where there are delimiters in quoted strings. #338
  • Fixed account group expanded state restoration on startup. [Mac] #335

2012-07-12 -- New HS Ubuntu PPA! (link)

I have awesome news for Ubuntu users: Yesterday I sat down and spent the day figuring out how Ubuntu PPAs (Personal Public Archive) work. I improved my packaging scripts and was finally able to upload source packages that could correctly build on Canonical's build farm. Therefore, I can now offer you a PPA with all HS apps on it! For those who don't realize what that means, it means that it's now possible to integrate HS packages into your Ubuntu packaging system, thus enabling auto-updates. I'm pretty excited about this. You can read more about HS's PPA in the Linux Notes.

2012-06-20 -- moneyGuru 2.5.4 released (link)

  • Fixed sorting inconsistency in transaction tables when schedule spawns were involved. #328
  • Fixed "Previous Balance" entries which ignored budget entries. #333
  • Fixed a bug in account graphs where budgeted data was mistakely ignored if the account was excluded. #332
  • Fixed visual glitch in balance graphs. [Windows, Linux] #330
  • Fixed a net worth view refresh glitch on "New Document". [Windows, Linux]

2012-06-01 -- dupeGuru 3.5.0 released (link)

  • Added a Deletion Options panel.
  • Greatly improved memory usage for big scans.
  • Added a keybinding for the filter field. #182 [Mac]
  • Upgraded minimum requirements for Ubuntu to 12.04.

2012-05-15 -- moneyGuru 2.5.3 released (link)

  • Fixed a bug in QIF loading causing some false positives in duplicate transaction detection and removal. #323
  • Fixed a bug causing auto-created accounts to be of the wrong currency. #327
  • Fixed crash in currency rates plugin example.
  • Fixed localization issues. [Windows, Linux]

2012-04-14 -- dupeGuru 3.4.1 released (link)

  • Fixed the "Folders" scan type. [Mac]
  • Fixed localization issues. [Windows, Linux]

2012-04-08 -- New application: KronoX (link)

KronoX is a GPL time tracker for Mac developed by Peter Ljunglöf. Its development stalled two years ago. Being a user of this app and wanting to see it continue to improve, I asked Peter if he was OK with me taking over KronoX's development and he was. So, that is why I added a KronoX product page on my website today.

KronoX development will be funded by fairware contributions, like my other apps. Because KronoX's development is already pretty advanced and that all I have to do is add a couple of new features and fix bugs here and there, there shouldn't be many development hours to compensate fairware-wise so it shouldn't be too hard to fund.

2012-04-07 -- moneyGuru 2.5.2 released (link)

  • Fixed amount parsing bug with locale having space as a thousand separator. #316
  • Fixed cancel button in schedule scope dialog which didn't cancel the operation. [Mac] #319
  • Fixed hard crashes on crash reporting.

2012-03-29 -- dupeGuru 3.4.0 released (link)

  • Improved results window UI. [Windows, Linux]
  • Added a dialog to edit the Ignore List.
  • Added the ability to sort results by "marked" status.
  • Fixed "Open with default application". #190
  • Fixed a bug where there would be a false reporting of discarded matches. #195
  • Fixed various localization glitches.
  • Fixed hard crashes on crash reporting. #196
  • Fixed bug where the details panel would show up at inconvenient places in the screen. [Windows, Linux]

2012-02-12 -- moneyGuru 2.5.1 released (link)

  • Fixed hard crashes on closing the main window under 10.6. [Mac OS X] #306
  • Fixed filter field which disappeared under 10.6. [Mac OS X] #310
  • Fixed pie chart printing. [Mac OS X] #308
  • Fixed hard crash in the Cashculator tab. [Mac OS X] #307
  • Fixed a bug causing tables to be unstable when changing the filter while editing them. #309
  • Fixed languages packaging. [Windows, Linux]
  • Fixed crashes in split table editing and document properties. [Windows, Linux]

2012-02-04 -- moneyGuru 2.5.0 released (link)

  • Plugins! moneyGuru's capabilities can now be expanded through Python plugins.
  • Graphs and charts can now be resized. #105
  • Improved pie charts by giving them a dyamic number of slices depending on chart size. #277
  • Added a "Modification Time" column in the transactions tab. #305
  • Improve schedules and spawn editing mechanisms. #262
  • Improved accessibility. (#300 #301)
  • Fixed a bug in QIF imports where splits were sometimes not imported. #290
  • Fixed selection glitch on tab swapping. #252

2012-02-01 -- dupeGuru 3.3.3 released (link)

  • Fixed crash on adding some folders. [Mac OS X]
  • Added Ukrainian localization by Yuri Petrashko.

2012-01-21 -- moneyGuru 2.4.3 released (link)

  • Fixed a crash on account deletion. #298
  • Fixed the filter bar for income/expense. #297

2012-01-17 -- moneyGuru 2.4.2 released (link)

  • Fixed a checkbox-unchecking glitch in the import window. [Windows, Linux] #289
  • Re-added mass editing dialog labels which went missing in v.2.4.0. [Windows, Linux] #292
  • Fixed a bug where the autosave interval preference wouldn't be kept in between sessions. [Windows, Linux] #291
  • Fixed mixup in schedule table column titles. #294
  • Fixed a crash on clicking the cancel button in dialogs. [Windows, Linux] #296
  • Fixed a "ghost account" issue. #295
  • Added Dutch localization by Arnold Huzen.

2012-01-16 -- dupeGuru 3.3.2 released (link)

  • Fixed random hard crashes (yeah, again). [Mac OS X]
  • Fixed crash on Export to HTML. [Windows, Linux]
  • Added Armenian localization by Hrant Ohanyan.
  • Added Russian localization by Igor Pavlov.