2011's news archive

2011-12-02 -- dupeGuru 3.3.1 released (link)

  • Fixed a couple of nasty crashes.

2011-11-30 -- dupeGuru 3.3.0 released (link)

  • Added multiple-selection in folder selection dialog for a more efficient folder removal. #179
  • Fixed a crash in the prioritize dialog. #178
  • Fixed a bug where mass marking with a filter would mark more than filtered duplicates. #181
  • Fixed random hard crashes. [Mac OS X] (#183 #184)
  • Added Czech localization by Aleš Nehyba.
  • Added Italian localization by Paolo Rossi.

2011-10-28 -- moneyGuru 2.4.1 released (link)

  • Fixed nasty crashes introduced in 2.4.0.

2011-10-26 -- moneyGuru 2.4.0 released (link)

  • Added a document properties tab. #240
  • Redesigned visibility options. #182
  • Allow targeted transaction searches. #276
  • Added the ability to select multiple accounts. #55
  • Added the ability to export a specific date range. #201
  • Remember size and position of the import window. #238
  • Improved the Ahead Months option. #272
  • Added support for Nicaraguan Cordobas. #268
  • Improved OS X Lion compatibility. [Mac OS X] #286
  • Added Czech localization by Aleš Nehyba.

2011-10-02 -- dupeGuru 3.2.1 released (link)

  • Fixed a couple of broken action bindings from v3.2.0.

2011-09-27 -- dupeGuru 3.2.0 released (link)

  • Added duplicate re-prioritization dialog. #138
  • Added font size preference for duplicate table. #82
  • Added Quicklook support. [Mac OS X] #21
  • Improved behavior of Mark Selected. #139
  • Improved filename sorting. #169
  • Added Chinese (Simplified) localization by Eric Dee.
  • Tweaked the fairware system.
  • Upgraded minimum requirements to OS X 10.6 and Ubuntu 11.04.

2011-09-14 -- New website section: devlogs (link)

To make it easier for potential developers (and curious people) to figure out how HS apps development is going, I created a new "Devlogs" section in the website. All I need now is the discipline to keep it going.

2011-08-29 -- moneyGuru 2.3.11 released (link)

  • Improved OS X Lion compatibility. [Mac OS X] #282
  • Fixed a crash on tab switching. #283

2011-08-28 -- Fairware tweaks (link)

I changed the contribution allocation algorithm today. The previous one, with tons of prorating all around was too complicated and the benefits of it were dubious.

Contributions are now allocated directly to timelogs, the oldest unpaid timelog being paid first. This has a fun side effect, which is that I'm now able to tell contributors which timelog(s) they compensated (it isn't implemented yet, but it's in my plans). This opens the door to all kinds of new fun statistics to make.

Another side effect is that there were about 5 hours that were previously allocated to dupeGuru that are now allocated to moneyGuru. That's because the new algorithm puts more of a burden for "shared timelogs" (timelogs from project dependencies) on the project that receives the most contributions. Since dupeGuru receives many more contributions than moneyGuru, more of it was allocated to timelogs from "Hardcoded Software" and "OpenHS" projects.

The "Unpaid hours history" graph is also a bit skewed by this change because it's as if there always were a couple of unpaid hours to the dupeGuru project, when in fact dupeGuru hours have always been promptly and completely compensated in the last 90 days.

2011-08-25 -- dupeGuru 3.1.2 released (link)

  • Fixed a bug preventing the Folders scan from working. #172

2011-08-24 -- dupeGuru 3.1.1 released (link)

  • Added German localization by Gregor Tätzner.
  • Improved OS X Lion compatibility. [Mac OS X]
  • Made the file collection phase cancellable. #168
  • Fixed glitch in folder window upon selecting a folder state. [Windows, Linux] #165
  • Fixed a text coloring glitch in the results. #156
  • Fixed glitch in the sorting feature of the Folder column. #161
  • Make sure that saved results have the ".dupeguru" extension. [Linux] #157

2011-08-15 -- moneyGuru 2.3.10 released (link)

  • Fixed crash on moving the Total row in the Transactions view. #281
  • Fixed bug causing bad dates to come through import checks. #274
  • Fixed a bug preventing some accounts' info to be edited. #280

2011-07-29 -- moneyGuru 2.3.9 released (link)

  • Fixed a bug where setting a transaction in the future wouldn't de-reconcile it. #271
  • Fixed a crash when changing the currency of an account with reconciled entries. #273
  • Fixed the title of the Net Worth print view. #269

2011-06-21 -- I love the Kindle but... (link)

...reading PDF files on it really sucks! So, I bought a Kindle two months ago and I love it. The screen really makes reading a pleasure (for those who think that an iPad can double as an ebook reader: you have no idea how electronic paper makes a difference). I spent most of my reading time reading out-of-copyright books which you can get for free (like Alexandre Dumas, I love that guy). However, one of the things I wanted to do with it, and, frankly, what justified the purchase (because otherwise, it takes a lot of free/cheap books to make you save the equivalent of a Kindle) was that I could read articles that I found on the web. I also wanted to subscribe to the electronic edition of the Monde Diplomatique (PDF) and read it on the Kindle. I saw that the latest Kindle had native PDF support so I thought that it would work fine.

Well, no. The problem with PDFs on the Kindle is that you have no control over font size like you do with normal books. The font is often a bit too small to read confortably. There's a zoom feature, but it's rather awkward to use. In the case of the Monde Diplomatique, it's even worse because pages are huge. You absolutely have to use the zoom, and with all the text columns all over the place, you spend more time zooming around than doing actual reading.

All of this is why I started PdfMasher which I introduce to you today. It's still in very early development (I'll consider it v1.0 when I can "mash" the Monde Diplomatique), but it's quite powerful already. If you also need to "mash" some PDFs on your ebook device, please try it and let me know how it goes!

2011-06-09 -- moneyGuru 2.3.8 released (link)

  • Fixed a crash on importing empty QIF files. #263
  • Fixed a layout glitch in the transaction panel. [Windows, Linux] #255
  • Correctly show the selected transaction when jumping to an account. [Windows, Linux] #258
  • Fixed Y-Axis scaling in graphs for negative values. #257
  • Fixed crashes after tab re-ordering. [Mac OS X] #264
  • Global date change on schedule spawns now work correctly. #261
  • Fixed crash on startup under certain regional settings. [Windows, Linux] #250
  • Added date format preference. [Windows, Linux] #256
  • Added the path of the current document in title bar. [Windows, Linux] #259

2011-04-19 -- moneyGuru 2.3.7 released (link)

  • Fixed a crash on closing tabs. [Windows, Linux] #245
  • Fixed a crash on restoring opened tabs on startup. [Windows, Linux] #244
  • Fixed a crash on moving columns in the split table. [Mac OS X] #241
  • Fixed a bug in the saving of a new document that could cause data loss. [Windows, Linux] #247
  • Fixed a bug where the filename of a saved document wouldn't have the correct extension. [Windows, Linux] #248
  • Fixed a selection glitch on creating a new transaction. [Windows, Linux] #249
  • Improved the french translation. #243

2011-04-16 -- dupeGuru 3.1.0 released (link)

  • Added the "Folders" scan type. #89
  • Fixed a couple of crashes. (#140 #149)

2011-03-29 -- Fairware: It Kinda Works! (link)

After 6 months of fairware, I can tell that it kinda works, and I wrote an article about that today.

2011-03-23 -- moneyGuru 2.3.6 released (link)

  • Localized to italian (by Roberto Padovani).
  • Improved french localization.
  • Fixed bug where transaction editing was messed up after moving the Date column. [Mac OS X] #235
  • Fixed truncated text in account re-assign dialog. [Linux] #234
  • Fixed crash on entering a division by zero as an amount. #229
  • Fixed erroneous automatic de-reconciliation on transaction editing. #237
  • Fixed crash when launching moneyGuru from a very long folder name. [Mac OS X]

2011-03-16 -- dupeGuru 3.0.2 released (link)

  • Fixed crash after removing marked dupes. #140
  • Fixed crash on error handling. [Windows] #144
  • Fixed crash on copy/move. [Windows] #148
  • Fixed crash when launching dupeGuru from a very long folder name. [Mac OS X] #119
  • Fixed a refresh bug in directory panel. #153
  • Improved reliability of the "Send to Trash" operation. [Linux]
  • Tweaked Fairware reminders.

2011-02-07 -- moneyGuru 2.3.5 released (link)

  • Fixed a few crashes here and there. (#228 #220 #216 #218 #217)
  • Fixed wrong german translation. #219
  • Added LVL and MZN currencies. #221

2011-01-27 -- dupeGuru 3.0.1 released (link)

  • Restored the context menu which had been broken in 3.0.0. [Mac OS X] #133
  • Fixed a bug where an "unsaved results" warning would be issued on quit even with empty results. #134
  • Removed focus from the cancel button in the progress dialog to avoid accidental cancellations. [Mac OS X] #135
  • Folders added through drag and drop are added to the recent folders list. #136
  • Added a debugging mode. #132
  • Fixed french localization glitches.

2011-01-24 -- dupeGuru 3.0.0 released (link)

  • Re-designed the UI. #129
  • Internationalized dupeGuru and localized it to french. #32
  • Changed the format of the help file. #130

2011-01-01 -- dupeGuru 2.12.3 released (link)

  • Fixed bug causing results to be corrupted after a scan cancellation. #120
  • Fixed crash when fetching Fairware unpaid hours. #121
  • Fixed crash when replacing files with hardlinks. #122