2003's news archive

2003-11-21 -- I'm quite busy you know... (link)

Hey, what's up with Hardcoded Software? you might ask, taking a look at the past news. I still am alive, and I'm working on a very big project, which is not for HSoft. Until recently, I didn't have plans to continue the development of Mp3 Filter 4, but I had some neat ideas for the comparison algorithm, and the interface design. I think that once I'm finished with my current project, I'll continue to work on it. Stay tuned :)

2003-08-14 -- New server! (link)

You might have experienced problems with the server yesterday (and you might today). It is because the Hardcoded webpage has moved to another server! Yeah, the other one was too slow, I'm trying another one.

2003-07-01 -- New Webguru version (link)

I just updated Webguru. It includes a fix that prevented some directories to be read in a profile, and a change to the file selection window in the report parameter window.

2003-06-05 -- Webguru now has nice icons! (link)

A new version of WebGuru is available for download right now! It features a completely new icon set, right from my friend from Inepties (French site)

2003-04-18 -- New Webguru version (link)

I released WebGuru v 1.1.10 today, which include a auto log format detection and a multi-language report feature. Right now, there are only a few log formats included in the auto-detect function, so if your format isn't detected, do not hesitate to contact Hardcoded Support so I can add it to the list. Happy Easter!

2003-04-06 -- New Webguru version (link)

WebGuru 1.1.9 has been released today, featuring a profile wizard, and a new trial period of 30 days. I realised that 15 days is definately not enough to explore every feature of WebGuru :). If you already started a trial period, you can get the new 30 days trial period by removing your Trial.dta file from the WebGuru directory, and reactivating the demo.

2003-03-27 -- New Webguru version (link)

I made a WebGuru bugfix update today, packed with my new setup program, which is supposed to work better with XP.

2003-03-13 -- Planning new WG and MF versions (link)

Here is a little update on what's going on here. I'm preparing a WebGuru version and installation program that works better with Windows XP. A completely revamped version of Mp3 Filter (Mp3 filter 4) is also planned for a relatively near future. Stay tuned.

2003-02-12 -- Webguru got a 5 cows award (link)

That WebGuru is very promising, it has already been rated 5 cows by Tucows! Stay tuned :)

2003-02-10 -- Introducing Webguru (link)

What a day! Today is the official release date of my new program: WebGuru. WebGuru is a log analysis program that features unique features like XML/XSLT reports and the awesome grouping feature. Take a look at it in the Product page!

2003-01-28 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

A new version of Mp3 Filter was released today, which include the changes from the beta, and some little interface improvement.