2002's news archive

2002-12-31 -- A glitch in Mp3 Filter (link)

For the last news of 2002, I'd like to point out a major problem with Mp3 Filter registration. Version prior to the version released today ( contacted www.cathedly.net (my old domain) to validate the registration, but that domain expired lately. The new version now validate registration code at www.hardcoded.net. Sorry for the trouble caused to customers who registered while I was in holiday break. Happy new year again!

2002-12-24 -- Merry Christmas an a happy New Year! (link)

I doubt that a lot of people will actually see this message before Christmas, but I'd like to wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year to everybody. I had a good year with you, and I bet that the next will be better. Cya next year!

2002-12-12 -- Tell a friend promo (link)

Ok, I'm trying a new promotion system for XMas! The "Tell a friend and win 100$" promotion. [link no longer valid]

2002-12-08 -- New Mp3 Filter beta version (link)

Another little beta version of Mp3 Filter today. This one has his auto-update feature revamped.

2002-12-01 -- New Mp3 Filter beta version (link)

I release another absolutely wonderful beta version of Mp3 Filter on this snowy day! It's another great improvement to the Mp3 List: Instead of exporting to HTML, it now exports to XML! XML/XSL allow much more disply possibilities with a greatly reduced file size (most of the time). I must say that I'm a beginner in XSL, so the default XSL model file I included in the package is basic. If you are a XML/XSL developer and wish to contribute with some better models, feel free to do so! Get that awesome beta version [link no longer valid]!

2002-11-21 -- New Mp3 Filter beta version (link)

Yet another beta version of Mp3 Filter! This time, the theme is the Mp3 List. I changed how the searches works. The searches are now displayed in the title window, and these searches are even remembered for quick access. I also enabled "First 5K of the file" comparison with Mp3 List. Beware though, you must rebuild your list if you want it to work properly. Beta version of Mp3 Filter can always be found [link no longer valid].

2002-11-18 -- New Mp3 Filter beta version (link)

I just posted a new beta version of Mp3 Filter also featuring a new version of my installer (smaller package + more options). Beta version of Mp3 Filter includes a little fix with the wizard and a little addition to the mp3 list editing system. Get it here[link no longer valid].

2002-11-13 -- OpenGL demo update (link)

Woot! The demo is even better now: I added smooth camera movement that tracks the character's movement. I also added some very simple AI (the other ogre punches when you get near, and watch out, he punches fast). Get it here[link no longer valid].

2002-11-11 -- OpenGL demo (link)

Yay! I posted a little openGL demo, which is quite cute. It includes MD2 model loading, very basic collision detection and windowed menus. Get it [link no longer valid]Quick little update: You can now punch the other ogre to death. funny. No blood, rated E for everyone :)

2002-10-28 -- Poker update (link)

I added the bet system to the poker game. you still can get it here[link no longer valid].

2002-10-26 -- Poker game (link)

For those who have some time to waste:) , I just posted a very little start of a poker (Draw poker to be more precise) game (of course I'm planning to make it multiplayer over HSNet). Right now, you simply play against 3 computers, with no bet system yet. Get it here[link no longer valid].

2002-10-21 -- New beta Mp3 Filter version (link)

Yet another beta version of Mp3 Filter today. I added a wizard, and I'm kinda proud of the little wizard which I drew myself :) . I never been good at drawing... [link no longer valid]

2002-10-19 -- New beta Mp3 Filter version (link)

I posted a new beta version of Mp3 Filter today. It includes an installer/uninstaller, a changed directory structure and a tip of the day.

2002-10-01 -- HSNet woes (link)

I was about to die of despair seeing that nobody registered to HSNet since I opened it, but I just saw that there was a little error in my account creation script sigh. Sorry, try again (This time I HOPE there'll be some people to register!)

2002-09-26 -- New HSNet section (link)

If you look at the site, you might notice that it somewhat changed. I added the HSNet section. HSNet will be the central point of my future multiplayer games. Right now, I only have Chinese checkers. Please try it! It's free! Also note that since it has JUST been released, there might not be a lot of people playing on for some time, but keep looking!

2002-09-20 -- New Chinese Checkers version (link)

I just posted a new version of Chinese Checkers right now, and guess what? IT'S A MULTIPLAYER ONE!!! yeah! However, since I didn't really test it yet (I only have 2 computers here), it is in BETA state. Please try it! I'd also be glad to have some people to play with me :) Enjoy!

2002-09-10 -- New beta Mp3 Filter version (link)

I released a new beta version of Mp3 Filter today. I simply added a little useful feature. It is called "Special Selection". It is particulary useful if you have a flash portable mp3 player. It allows you to randomly choose X mb of songs (So you can copy it to a temp directory, and then send it to your mp3 player). Since space is limited on those players, you can also say that you only want songs that are <=, >=, = in Bitrate, Size or Time to the parameters you specify. Enjoy!

2002-09-06 -- New Chinese Checkers version (link)

I updated Chinese Checkers. It now has a better interface with some AI bug fixed.

2002-08-29 -- New HS Logo (link)

I made a new logo for the website, I'd appreciate some feedbacks :) As for myself, I like it, or I wouldn't put it up on the site. (For those who don't know which logo I talk about, I mean the logo with "Recoding the wheel" on it)

2002-08-18 -- New beta Mp3 Filter version (link)

I just posted a new beta version of Mp3 Filter with some new funny features. You can now download animation packs from the website to extend the working animation of mp3 filter. I also added Windows Explorer shell extension for Mp3 Filter. You can download the beta version of Mp3 Filter here[link no longer valid]

2002-08-10 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

Released Mp3 Filter v3.11 today. This version introduce file content comparison(it compares the first 5K of the mp3 files) and txt file importation (for comparison or mp3 lists addition.)

2002-08-07 -- WMA plugin for Mp3 Filter (link)

I just added the wma decoder in the Plugins section of the Mp3 Filter page! Note that this plugin is using the Jurgen Faul's wma file decoding class. Take a look at his work at [link no longer valid].

2002-07-30 -- AI in Chinese Checkers (link)

Added computer AI to Chinese checkers today!. It's not the best AI ever, but it 's not bad either. Wow, It might be that best 3-day program I made :)

2002-07-29 -- Chinese Checkers updated (link)

I updated the chinese checkers game. It's now fully playable (Only human players on the same computer... yet :P )

2002-07-28 -- Chinese Checkers (link)

I played to Chinese checkers for the first time some days ago (really), and I found it fun, so I made it on computer. It's very basic now, but I just finished it and I can't wait to post it. Get it there [link no longer valid].

2002-07-26 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

I just uploaded Mp3 Filter v 3.10. It introduce a decoder plugin feature, which will allow to compare all kinds of files, not just Mp3!

2002-07-03 -- Playlist Player (link)

I made a Playlist player today. It lets you listen multiple m3u playlists at the same time and also let you listen the artist you really want to hear. Very cool FREE app.

2002-06-12 -- New website design (link)

Wohoo! changed the website! How do you like it?

2002-06-09 -- New beta Mp3 Filter version (link)

I just posted my unbelievable beta version of Mp3 Filter!! Download it, it is a must see! I didn't fully tested it yet, but I went trough most of the functions and it works well. The coolest addition to this version is the ability to build completely custom compare lists. So if you are not happy with the 4 basic types of comparison, build you own! The interface has been completely changed as you will see. I just can't believe how cool it is now...

2002-06-02 -- Still working on a new MF version (link)

Still working on my new version of Mp3 Filter, which will, once again, be unbelievable! I'm completely (and this time REALLY completely) redesigning the interface. Now, in addition to the 4 basic types of comparison (which will become Quick dupe scan), you will be able to build you own, fully customized list of songs to compare. Just drag and drop from the directory tree (which will also list available Mp3 Lists) and start the dupe scan! [link no longer valid] of the current state of Mp3 Filter. Tell me what do you think of it please!

2002-05-26 -- New beta Mp3 Filter version (link)

I just posted my new beta version of Mp3 Filter! Please download it and tell me if you like it!

2002-05-25 -- That new MF version is coming... (link)

My new version is coming along very well! I just can't wait to post it (Thus, I work on it day and night :) ). I plan to post a beta version tomorrow. You guys will just love it!

2002-05-21 -- Working hard (link)

Working hard on the group engine of Mp3 Filter. I made it, but it's kinda slow, I'm not sure if I should use that engine instead of the old one. I will post a beta version soon, and you should tell me which engine you prefer!

2002-04-14 -- New beta Mp3 Filter version (link)

I just posted a beta version of Mp3 Filter. That one is just amazing! I just can't believe how fast it is now. I didn't finish going trough all the possible bugs, but I just can't wait to post it! try it out!

2002-04-12 -- The new hardcoded.net domain works! (link)

Finally! everything works about the new domain (I think)! I now recieve e-mails adressed to cathedly@cathedly.net and register@cathedly.net again!

2002-04-06 -- New domain name! (link)

Yeah, finally, I changed my domain name, which is now www.hardcoded.net. Unfortunately, I got some problems parking www.cathedly.net here too, but it should be fixed in the next few days. btw, I'm preparing another cool Mp3 Filter update!

2002-03-26 -- New beta Mp3 Filter version (link)

I posted another Mp3 Filter BETA version today. This version finally includes Mp3 List export to HTML! (registered only :P ). I also changed the layout for the playlist and some other misc.

2002-03-06 -- New beta Mp3 Filter version (link)

I posted Mp3 Filter BETA version today, which has Auto-volume set feature and some bugs fixed.

2002-02-08 -- OpenGL program updated (link)

I updated my Opengl program today. I added a macro function. Thus, Object now can move following a specific pattern, which is very cool...

2002-01-27 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

Finally, I went trough it! Mp3 Filter version 2.20, featuring a brand new interface is finally out! It really worths a try!

2002-01-11 -- Upcoming big MF release (link)

Some of you might wonder whats the reason of that lack of update that happens right now. It first is because I have a lot of other matters right now, but it's also becuase I prepare a big update for Mp3 Filter! I completely remade the interface, which is now, I think, VERY cool. If you want to take a look at this interface, please [link no longer valid]. It will give you a good preview. I'm currently working on the ID3 Tag edit system, which will be much better now.