2001's news archive

2001-12-14 -- Future poker game (link)

I added a future poker game on the Delphi page today. You can draw cards, hold them, and compare 2 hands to check which hand is the strongest. Check it on the delphi page or [link no longer valid] right now.

2001-11-30 -- Mp3 Filter is now shareware (link)

Here is it, the new version (shareware now) of Mp3 Filter. Whats new?

  • Revamped (again) mp3 list system. It's now much more flexible.
  • Improved renaming interface.
  • Added a configuration wizard.
  • Fixed some major bugs.
Mp3 Filter is now shareware, but the ways to get free keys I mentionned in the last post are still valid.

2001-11-21 -- Mp3 Filter is going shareware (link)

A year passed since I first released Mp3 Filter. I'm proud of what it became, and I won't stop improving it until it's perfect. Unfortunately, I also learned how ungrateful a freeware end user is. I asked for months for suggestions, comments and contributions (not necessarely money. no one translated mp3 filter yet) and I can count people who did give me some comments and suggestions on my fingers! (and toes :) ). It's clear now that it's money that drives people. I then decided that my next release would be shareware. But since money isn't my priority, I also decided that there would be a LOT of registration key giveaways for those who CONTRIBUTE. Here is a list of ways to get FREE registration key (when the next version will be released of course :) ):

  • Anyone who translates Mp3 Filter gets a free key.
  • Anyone who find an undocumented bug ( I will add a known bug section on Mp3 Filter page) gets a free key.
  • Any good publicity for Mp3 Filter worths a key too.
  • Well, anything that helps!
Ok, about the next release now. Well, the next release will be like the already available version 2.01 pre-release with bugfixes (some big bugs...) with a new mp3list and selection system. I also plan to build a kind of HUGE netlist system if I get enough registrations, which will allow to build a very big list by melting all registered user's list together. That list would be browsable with internet, and selection would go directly to the list owner. (I wouldn't build a transfer system tough, I don't want problems with law). Well, I'm finished!

2001-11-13 -- Changing server (link)

Finally! I got a real web host. As you can see, my new address is www.cathedly.net. Cool huh? My new host support php, so i'll be able to remake Mp3 Filter poll script (I don't think that I will be able to make it work for old versions tough...). Auto-update feature now works well (finally!). I'm now rebuilding the hall of fame for Russian wheel. Now everything is gonna be alright :)

2001-11-10 -- Playing with OpenGL (link)

I worked on OpenGL today, and I end up with a very cool update of my OpenGL demo. Now you can target specific object and lock them! Check it out in the Delphi section!

2001-11-05 -- Next MF update may be shareware! (link)

Since I get very few feedbacks about Mp3 filter (And thanks again to those who do give me feedbacks), I decided to make it shareware on the next update (which should be quite big...) UNLESS I get enough e-mail asking me to keep it freeware. You all get the point? Ok, this update should be around start of december. cathedly@hotmail.com

2001-10-22 -- Got back to OpenGL (link)

I'm into OpenGL again! I updated my "MyOpenGLSkills.zip" package, it now contains a very cool demo in which the camera is fully controllable and can even turn around a specific point!

2001-10-17 -- Banner thing (link)

I made a page especially for Mp3 Filter, and I also made a banner for it. It looks amateur, but it's a start :). I suscribed to www.e-bannerx.com with the 3:2 free banner program, so I might get some pub from it.

2001-09-13 -- Code Red... continued (link)

Code Red didn't have any effect on my server, but it did have a big one on my ISP, which blocked http port... damnit. Now a friend of mine, The_Mastermind, got an idea of redirecting that lame page on my ISP host place on my IP with the port 81. It looks like it work huh! Ok, now news from Mp3 Filter. What should have been the 1.61 update has morphed into the 2.00 update! This update will damn rock the Mp3 managment world... Featuring ultra fast compare engine, multi-list system, interface enhancing and many miscellaneous other features. Without any doubt the biggest Mp3 filter update ever. Get the pre-release version from the Delphi Section!

2001-08-04 -- Code Red (link)

Code Red doesn't seem to have an effect on my server :). We'll... yet. Stay tooned for the next update (1.61) of Mp3 Filter, it will be somewhat big!

2001-06-27 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

Mp3 Filter v1.53 has been released some days ago. New in this version: A new, very good mp3 list system. No loading time even for huge list + 30% faster in comparison with list. I noticed that the zip package of that release was a bad crc file. I'm sorry for the people who downloaded this file. Please, download it again, the problem is fixed.

2001-06-14 -- Server overload (link)

Mp3 Filter got a big boost in download rates since the release of v1.52. Eh guys, i'm on cable! I just can't handle all this traffic. I uploaded Mp3 Filter to my ISP 5mb place they give me, but it won't be on www.download.com list for a while. If you have some troubles downloading it from this server, try [link no longer valid]. This place has a MUCH better upload capacity than me.

2001-05-05 -- Fame and Glory update (link)

I implemented an allegiance system to Fame and Glory which is quite cool. NOW I need some pre-pre-alpha testers :).

2001-04-29 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

I published a cool update of Mp3 Filter today. v1.43 has a much better file searching engine. Try it, you will see...

2001-04-23 -- Fame and Glory (link)

Eh guys, you remember Fame and glory? I didn't until I browsed my HDD and fell on it. I decided to continue it. It is NOT a game YET. I just implemented the basic account features (Account creation, account deletion, password change, sign out). Why did I put it online? well, to be able to test the basic feats (and all futur ones) at a large scale. I'd be grateful to you people to try it.

2001-04-07 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

MAJOR UPDATE TO MP3 FILTER! Made it back freeware since absolutely nobody bought it (How will I damn earn some money??) + I added a playlist and moved all the functions to a menu.

2001-04-03 -- Playing with Huffman (link)

I tried to make a file compression program. From now on, The program only builds a binary code table and tells how much space the new file should take. Try it on many files, and tell me how it does please!

2001-03-23 -- Farewell, Ultima Online (link)

I made a little Javascript game some time ago. It's a Russian wheel game(Is that the good english name?). I decided to put it on my home page today, just for fun. :) Oh! and I stopped UO. So I'll remove my UO section btw.

2001-03-18 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

I made Mp3 Filter shareware. Why did I do that? Well, because when I started making this program, I expected to get something for. I didn't get much credit for. Maybe I will get money :). But I got a deal for you guys. Advertise my program in anyway (on your web page, on boards, anywhere that has relatively good traffic), and I give you a code.

2001-03-08 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

MAJOR UPDATE TO MP3 FILTER (You expected something else?? :) )!!! 1.3. All the comparison engine changed. Be sure to read the readme file before to use it.

2001-03-07 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

Mp3 Filter is now 1.21. I added a Mp3 Player in, so it becomes real cool. I thank Yippee.net for producing some good reviews. I now think I got something good...

2001-03-03 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

Maybe I shoulda wait a bit before to submit Mp3 filter to download.com. Another bug was revealed today! (fixed in 1.18) There was a problem with displaying List Comparing results. filenames were switched! Thus, deleting was impossible after a list compare.

2001-03-02 -- Mp3 Filter updated on Download.com (link)

Finally! Download.com lists Mp3 Filter v1.17. Now, I hope my friend's comp and mine can handle download requests, cause I still can't upload to Simtel.net.

2001-02-27 -- Mp3 Filter on Download.com (link)

AAAAAAAHHHH!!! My beloved Mp3 Filter is on download.com since 21/02/2001!!! I didn't know until today! Unfortunately, it's the 1.03 version, and I know that this one has some bugs. Damnit, 349 download. And simtel that doesnt want to upgrade my shit. I must wait to find a stable archive server before to submit 1.17 to download.com. Eh, vote for me! Raise my download rates! :)

2001-02-22 -- Mp3 Filter on Media Horizon (link)

[link no longer valid] added my Mp3 Filter to their database. Rate it on my Delphi page! Eh, by the way. I do not have a commercial internet connection, and my computer sometimes need a break. And since Media Horizon's download link links right here, just understand if it doesnt work.

2001-02-06 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

Mp3 Filter 1.17 available! There was some bugs (AGAIN!!! damnit!) and it is now fixed. PLUS! I hit 1000 visits today!! kinda cool huh?

2001-01-18 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

I compiled Mp3Filter v1.1 today. There is some major improvments, but since I didn't fully test it yet, I let Mp3Filter v.1.03 on.

2001-01-10 -- New Mp3 Filter version (link)

I updated Mp3Filter today, it had some minor and major bugs, they are fixed now :).